A Big News for Orthodontists – Surgery First Summit 2018

A Big News for Orthodontists – Surgery First Summit 2018

We invite you all to attend the Surgery First Summit on the 10th anniversary of our SF publication. The summit is going to be held from August 27 – 28th 2018. To celebrate for our achievements over these years, orthodontists from all over the world are joining us in this symposium to share their knowledge and techniques under our motto “Shorter, safer, and with higher certainty”


In the warm and contented atmosphere of the Sendai Kokusai Hotel, Japan, we believe that this symposium will make a constructive contribution to the future of Surgery First Treatment. If you are an aspirant or share an interest in the field of orthodontics, we assure that the event will be of a great value.


The Surgery First Summit will be a grand event with the well-versed orthodontists, sharing their knowledge and expertise in the field of Orthodontics. The big news is that Dr. Ravindra Nanda will be the opening lecturer of the summit, enlightening the fellow orthodontists with his views and ideas.

Grab once in a lifetime opportunity of gaining knowledge from these professionals by being a part of this anniversary celebration. See you all there!

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